Учреждение БГУ "Научно-исследовательский институт физико-химических проблем" (НИИ ФХП БГУ)

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Научно-исследовательский институт физико-химических проблем Белорусского государственного университета (НИИ ФХП БГУ)
Научно-исследовательский институт физико-химических проблем Белорусского государственного университета (НИИ ФХП БГУ)

Laboratory of cellulose solutions and products of their treatment

Лаборатория растворов целлюлозы
и продуктов их переработки

The laboratory was established in 1988, The Head of the laboratory is D. Grynshpan, D.Sc., Professor, Honored Worker of BSU.

Directions of the research activity:

• establishment of scientific bases of processes of reception and processing of cellulose solutions and other polymers in fibers, films, membranes, composites;
• development of new approaches for the production  of the quickly  disintegrated solid and soft dosage form on the basis of activated carbon and water soluble polymers;
• development of new methods for polluted waters treatment: removal of the surface active substances  and oil spill response, production composite biofuel on the basis of hydrolytic lignin and oil and oil containing waste.

Main achievements:

• mechanisms for the direct dissolution of cellulose in mono- and bicomponent system of different chemical nature have been established;
• new criteria for the evaluation of dissolving capacity of aqueous and non-aqueous systems according to natural polymer have been proposed;
• common concept for the solvation mechanism of cellulose dissolution in the solvents of different  chemical nature has been formulated;
• new methods for the cellulose dissolution and stabilization of the solution of two incompatible polymers have been developed;
• new method for cellulose esters synthesis in the solution has been worked out, this method allows to synthesize low substituted cellulose derivatives with the uniform distribution of the substituents and complete solubility in aqueous and aqueous-organic media;
• homogeneous synthesis of the mixed esters of cellulose, chitosan and chitin with liquid crystalline structures in the super concentrated solutions has been developed.


• environmentally safe, closed, non-carbon-disulfide technology for producing hydrate cellulose and structurally mixed with chitosan self-extinguishing fibers and filaments, (gold medal on the International Exhibition-congress «Hi-Tech. Investments. Innovations», St. Petersburg-2012);
• technology for production of fibers, films, membranes and membrane-filtration of tissue from kinetically stable cellulose mixtures with other high-molecular compounds;
• medications on the basis of  activated carbon and a water-soluble cellulose derivative («Grand Prix» at the international exhibition in Moscow, 2006 y.):
- pills «Ultrasorb» for complex treatment of acute urticaria, atopic dermatitis, angioedema and others,
- hydrophilic ointment «Prednisolone Gel 0.5%» designed for complex treatment of inflammatory and allergic skin diseases;
• water-soluble derivatives of cellulose, chitin and chitosan for production fast-disintegrating drugs of a new generation;

• the purification technology of surface, ground and waste water using solid composite reagents:
- mobile autonomous water treatment facility (gold medal on the International Exhibition-congress «Hi-Tech. Investments. Innovations», St. Petersburg-2007);
- regenerable filter-elements and compact filter devices on their basis;
- portable cleaning kits for over contaminated surface and underground water;
- fast-dispersible carbon sorbent and carbon coagulant for wastewater treatment;
• sorbent «Lignosorb» for removal of oil and oil spill response and composite fuel based on it.



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